Trainings, workshops and conferences

Our team of qualified trainers has an extensive expertise in the field of cognitive neurosciences. The following topics can be adjusted to your organization’s needs and interests.

Extended cognition: The fusion between the worker and his technological tools
Plasticity and connectivity: A changing brain in evolving markets
Physiological stress and the brain: Cognitive tools to counter its impacts
Decision making: Managing with the help of cerebral networks
Social cognition at work: Good for your brain and your colleagues
Peak cognitive performance: Techniques and best practices
Help atypical workers to achieve their full potential: From ADHD profiles to aging workers
Flow and productivity: Fully understand and use your cognitive potential
The impact of lifestyle on your cognition: Between body and brain

Neuropsychological coaching

Neuropsychological coaching consists of a minimum of 4 personalized one on one sessions with an employee or manager. This program assesses the cognitive profile and offers concrete tools to develop abilities, thus optimizing functioning at work and cognitive performance. Coaching programs can spread out over weeks according to the needs of the employee or the company.

At the forefront of knowledge in neuropsychology and industrial psychology, our coaching solution is carried out with the highest ethical respect of the employees. Our coaches are all doctors in neuropsychology certified by their professional association.

Organizational diagnosis

Our consultants will know how to improve the processes, the structure, the dynamics and the neuroergonomics of your company in order to promote your employees' well-being and performance.

Our team can create or improve your selection, development and retention processes with our data-driven analytical method. Our expertise can also contribute to better structural and digital transitions within your company.

Contact us to obtain more details about our services and to evaluate how nev can collaborate with you to improve your employees’ and managers’ well-being and productivity.

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