Seminars and coaching programs

Companies today must continuously develop their human capital in order to remain competitive. In this increasingly fast-paced working environment, ongoing training and professional development for your knowledge workers is essential.

Our group training and individual coaching programs help you translate your workforce’s potential into financial gain through the optimization of the intellectual performance and well-being of your employees.

Our cutting-edge methods, offered by our team of qualified instructors, always include a rigorous evaluation of your needs and a data-driven demonstration of our effectiveness.

Areas of focus include:

Stress management and cognitive health

Decision-making and neuroleadership

Intellectual productivity and high performance

Neuromotivation and innovation

Neurodiversity and inclusion

Human capital management

Business leaders today face major obstacles to their company’s success: lack of focus at work, absenteeism, poor worker engagement, poor motivation, inconsistent productivity, high turnover rates, etc. These problems all hinder your company’s ability to remain competitive.

Our team can help transform your workforce into a catalyst for business growth thanks to our three unique consulting services—all of which are science-based, data-driven, and specifically designed for knowledge workers.

Organizational diagnostics

This service will allow you to determine the source of your challenges and develop targeted solutions.

Organizational development

This service consists of implementing programs that can help you improve your company’s processes, structure or workforce dynamics.

Scientific consulting

This service will help you optimize your HR processes by incorporating rigorous strategies and tools based on recent breakthroughs in neuroscience and management science.

Data analytics


Human Capital Analytics

The records you’ve gathered on your workforce are a goldmine of insights that could be applied to your strategic planning and human resources decision-making. Take advantage of this invaluable information with our expertise in advanced data analysis.

No matter which data management system you use—or if you’re considering implementing a powerful database—we can help you capitalize on the rigor and predictive power of data, big data and machine learning.


User Analytics

When your clients interact with your products, services and technologies, they generate all sorts of information about their habits, values, motivations and reactions—information that could help you better serve their needs. Thanks to our expertise in user experience (UX), advanced data analytics and neuroscience, we can help you develop better strategies.

Our methods will allow you to understand what goes on in your clients’ heads, predict the effectiveness of your consumer interactions, measure the return on investment of your marketing initiatives, and infer trends from key user groups.

Mindfulness-based stress reduction program

This program is built upon the latest scientific advances in mindfulness-based stress reduction and has been tailored to professional environments. Its goal is to provide knowledge workers with the right tools to overcome chronic stress in an adaptive way that’s specific to their professional and personal context.

Benefits to participants range from improving sleep quality and intellectual abilities to reducing anxiety and fatigue symptoms, in addition to perfecting decision-making and planning skills. Together, these elements will enable your human capital to reach optimal levels of well-being and productivity.

This unique program is led by certified instructors who have earned at least a master’s in their field in addition to possessing specific experience in corporate settings. Sessions involve a combination of workshops, mindfulness meditation techniques and group discussions.

Frequency | Once a week for 12 weeks and a full-day retreat at the end of the program

Schedule | 60 minutes during breakfast or lunch hour

Groups | 8 to 12 participants

Language | Sessions are offered in French or in English

Location | Your offices or a nearby location

Material | Yoga mats are lent to participants for each session

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