What does nev mean?
nev is at the intersection of cognitive neuroscience and management. It’s the combination of the words neuroscience and development, which are part of nev’s core approach.
What is nev’s added value?
The brain is the main tool of knowledge workers and its health underlies performance at work and job satisfaction. nev offers innovative and cutting-edge solutions aimed at optimizing cognitive health of employees and managers in order to promote their well-being and performance at work.
What is cognitive health?
The brain is where a set of mental processes occurs, designated by the neuroscientific term cognition. It allows us to communicate, perceive our environment, stay focused, remember something and to accumulate knowledge. Attention, planning, language, social cognition and working memory are some functions components of cognition. Like physical health, cognitive health is a state of complete well-being, not only the absence of a disease or disorder.
What is cognitive performance?
Cognitive performance is the level of efficacy of each function composing your cognition. It can be measured with validated neuropsychological tests. Each individual has cognitive strengths and weaknesses, which constitute a unique cognitive profile. When you know your own profile, you can learn to emphasize your strengths and compensate for your weaknesses. Evaluation and intervention regarding cognitive functions is the field of action of neuropsychologists.
Does nev offers clinical neuropsychological services?
Clinical neuropsychological services, either to evaluate or follow-up on a neurological impairment, are not offered by nev. However, neuropsychological coaching offered by neuropsychologists certified by the Ordre des psychologues du Québec (OPQ) is available. Neuropsychological coaching consists of personalized one on one sessions with an employee or manager in order to evaluate their cognitive profile, identify their strengths and weaknesses and work on individual factors enabling cognitive performance at work.
Are nev’s services covered by insurance?
No. Our services are not considered medical or psychological care covered by public or private insurance plans. nev's services are offered to employees through their organization.
What are nev’s employees’ qualifications?
Trainers minimally hold a master’s degree in neuroscience, psychology or a related field. Coaches are doctors in neuropsychology certified by their professional association.
Can employees be dismissed or suffer any other disciplinary measures because of their cognitive capacities or profile?
No. After an evaluation and service provision in an organisation, employees’ individual data are not available to the employer. The latter can only have access to agglomerated data such as an average or a general overview. Employees’ data is always rendered anonymous.